“Alcohol industry is a Silent process oriented Industry”

The name alcohol is a generic name derived from two Arabic worlds, al and kohl, that described a finely ground antimony powder. The name evolved to indicate a great degree of fineness or purity and gradually become specific for ethyl alcohol, “Spirits of wine rectified to the highest degree”. Ethyl alcohol is, of course well known as a constituent of alcoholic beverages

As beverages ethanol had been prepared and used long ago by Egyptian Pharaohs. Some indication of the antiquity of the knowledge of Ethyl alcohol is the fact that Noah is believed to have built a wine yard in which he grew grapes that he fermented into a type of alcoholic beverages.

Man has probably used Ethyl alcohol since dawn of history. It must have been originally produced by spontaneous fermentation of sugars and utilized by the ancient race.

The demand for industrial alcohol increased considerably during World War-II and to meet this need, alcohol was produced synthetically from ethylene. The end of the war brought a decreasing demand. The fermentation alcohol industry suffered a major recession from 1948 to 1975. With the advance of civilization, the demand for petroleum product has increased but petroleum resources of the world are limited and likely to get exhausted soon. So, in coming days ethanol will play major role.

The country requires ethanol for the following three major purposes:

  • Industrial Use
  • Potable Liquor
  • Fuel Blending
  • Rectified Spirit (RS) (95 % v/v ethanol) which is mainly used for industrial applications in the form of Ordinary Denatured Spirit (ODS) or Special Denatured Spirit (SDS).
  • Extra Neutral Alcohol (ENA) (96 % v/v ethanol) mainly used for manufacture of Potable liquors.
  • Fuel Ethanol or Absolute Alcohol (AA) (99.8 % v/v) mainly used for blending with petrol.

Today most of the ethanol is produced by using molasses as the raw material. Some distilleries use grain as the raw material.

“We have a team of world class alcohol technologists who have all expertise in the field Ethanol processing and plant operation. The Global Canesugar Services has taken up many distillery projects in India as well as abroad”.

Our Services for Distillery includes:

Consultancy Services for Distillery

  • DPR/Proposal & Pre-feasibility report
  • Quality Improvement
  • By-product utilization (Bio-gas, CO2, Bio-compost, DDGS & DWGS)
  • Plant Audit (Distillery)
  • Capacity optimization, Expansion, identification of hurdles in achieving the design capacity of Distillery
  • Technical audit of existing operations by evaluating Equipments, Process and energy balance.
  • Evaluation of Distillery Projects for Techno-Commercial Proposal and financial feasibility Report.

O&M Services for Distillery

  • The field force of O&M agency will be Supported by highly capable and experience Back office Consultants and Executives
  • Complete Maintenance services for Distillery
  • Establishing technical & operational (O&M) Systems for Distillery
  • Efficiency Improvement of old and sick Distillery through O&M Services
  • Skills Development and Manpower training for Distillery. (Alcohol Production)
  • Developing Management systems for efficient businesses operation
  • Quality control RS, ENA & Ethanol
  • Electricals, Instrumentation & Engineering
  • Distillery – Fermentation, Distillation RS /ENA & Ethanol Production, Effluent handling
  • Routes for achieving ZLD (Biomethanation followed by Multiple Effect Evaporator, Bio-composting & Ferti-irrigation)
  • Utilities – Boiler, Turbo generator set, Water Treatment Plant and CPU
  • Outsourcing services for running Distillery
  • Budgeting
  • Routine Maintenance
  • Major Repairs
  • Modifications for Improvements
  • Systems for Materials Managements
  • Controlling cost per lit of Alcohol

Projects for Distillery

  • Location and strategic advices for Ethanol
  • Economic Feasibility studies for new projects by Designing project technical and market synchronization
  • Evaluating the process options in Distillery
  • Basic Engineering and Detail engineering for Equipments sizing
  • Integrated and Standalone Multiple effect Evaporator technology project Evaluation
  • Distillery Expansion

Project Management

  • Project Implementation and resources planning
  • Services for smooth procurement of Equipment and inspection at Vendors site
  • Organizing and monitoring of Project site
  • Support Services for supervision and implementation of Project Management through Gantt Chart