➢It enables management to focus on business strategy and commercial aspects rather than on sugarcane production

➢Relieve management from cane development issues of yield, recovery and quantity, and address them for long term basis

➢Outsourcing to fix up clear cut responsibilities and efficiency parameters

Advantages of Outsourcing

✓Cost Effective/ Variable expenses           ✓ Clear cut defined roles

✓Targets defined for implementation         ✓Easier to implement technology adoption

✓Can specially focus on:                        ✓ Need based visit of specialists

 ■ Spaced planting                ■  Soil,

 ■ Varietal change               ■  Disease and pests

 ■ Agronomic practices change          ■ Nutrition

 ■ Fertilizer and nutrient use             ■ Irrigation

 ■ Insect pest and disease management       ■ Variety

 ■ Irrigation scheduling                      ■ Mechanization

 ■ Crop health surveillance, etc.

 ■ Mechanized planting operations