➢ Consultancy services for plant expansion, steam economy and process optimization for sugar mills in Vietnam.

➢ Consultant and materials supply for Iran sugar cane and By product Company .

➢ Audit for optimization of the plant capacity, energy conservation

➢ Consultancy Services for Two sugar mills in Nepal

2. Brown Field Sugar Project

➢Steam saving project for Sugar Plant.

➢ Steam Economy Project for  Karnataka, India

➢ Steam Economy and Operations Improvement Project Maharashtra, India


➢ Supply of energy efficient condensers, CVP, CVC etc.. in Philipinnes

➢ Supply of energy efficient condensers, Process and energy audit

4. Refinery Projects

➢ Design engineering and supply of 350 TPD Backend Refinery for Nepal

➢ Consultancy Service to upgrade and stabilize the operations of 600 TPD Refinery Zimbabwe,.

➢ Consultancy service and rehabilitation of 400 TPD backend refinery, Vietnam

➢ Prefeasibility study and Detailed Engineering for 750 TPD stand alone refinery expandable to 1500 TPD for Ghana

➢ Project report for process conversion of 7000 TCD plantation white sugar plant into Backend refinery, Indonesia

➢ Design Engineering and supply of PAC system for 500 TPD backend refinery for Karnataka, India

➢ Detailed Project Report for conversion of plantation white sugar plant into Backend refinery for Karnataka, India

➢ Feasibility study for process conversion of plantation white sugar into Backend refinery for India

➢Operation & Maintenance and stabilization of 250 TPD backend refinery at Vithal SSK, Maharashtra, India

➢DPR for 100 TPD Pharma-grade sugar plant for , Karnataka, India

5. Distillery Projects

➢ Feasibility study of grain and molasses based distillery plant at Guyana

➢Technical Consultant to Earnest and Young for distillery expansion project

➢Operations Management and yield improvement of India

➢ Yeast development program at 120 KL India


➢ Consultant for Bagasse based Co-generation projects in India